Waterfall Hike

Day 7: Sunday, August 5, 2012

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After our early morning wakeup at our homestay Frank went to the Catholic Church were there were 300 people worshipping. I returned to the posada and rested some more. We had a great pancake breakfast and then Joy, Lisa and Lindsay headed off to Antigua. They were heading back to the States on Monday, only staying for one week. Alan, Sally, Christy, Frank and I still had one more week.

The remaining group met up with some LHI students and then started on a 3-hour hike down to a spectacular waterfall. Some of the LHI students had never been there before. There was a group of American college students volunteering in Nebaj who were there in the water. Frank, Laura and I braved the chilly water and waded in. It was refreshing and a lot of fun. We took a chicken bus (named because there are often chickens as luggage on the bus) back to Chajul through Cotzal, the third town with Chajul and Nabaj in the Ixil triangle.

We had a nice dinner of chicken, beats and rice and we all went to bed early that night.


About prcloth

I am a high school math teacher in Boston who spent two weeks on a volunteer program in a town of mostly indigenous people in the highlands of Guatemala. I worked closely with the sponsor NGO, Limitless Horizons Ixil, and the residents, students, teachers and librarians of Chajul to extend educational opportunities to the region. I have included some details from this rich, authentic cultural exchange.
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