Cheese Farm

Day 9: Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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We drove to Nebaj and hiked over a mountain to a cheese farm started in 1938 by Italian immigrants. It was a cool morning with a morning mist which was perfect for the three-hour hike. We stopped frequently along the way to chat and check out the scenery. At the top were flat fields of cows and then we hiked down to the town and made our way to the farm. There were all types of animals at the farm and the owners had an amazing collection of exotic flowers and orchids.

Lunch was amazing with beef and rice and cheese quesadillas and soup with cilantro and vegetables and dessert was fresh peaches. It was decadent. Frank bought a wheel of the cheese, which was similar to a Dutch Gouda to use with his mac and cheese dinner the next evening.

We returned to LHI via van ride and met with four local teachers to share stories about struggles we encounter as teachers in our respective countries. Some of the stories we heard were of a lack of professional development opportunities and lack of resources. The next day Frank, Christy and I are leading a professional development workshop for about 80 local teachers, so it was good to hear their concerns to help shape our plans for tomorrow.

I played a lof of UNO back at the posada with the local kids before dinner. Then to bed.

Tomorrow: Weaving and professional development


About prcloth

I am a high school math teacher in Boston who spent two weeks on a volunteer program in a town of mostly indigenous people in the highlands of Guatemala. I worked closely with the sponsor NGO, Limitless Horizons Ixil, and the residents, students, teachers and librarians of Chajul to extend educational opportunities to the region. I have included some details from this rich, authentic cultural exchange.
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