Lake Atitlan Day 2

Day 12: Friday, August 10, 2012

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We left Panajachel in the morning and took a book over to our new hotel right on the water. Details of this part of the trip (like names of towns, etc.) start to become less clear as I stopped taking copious notes in my notebook. The water on the lake was calm and we arrived at our hotel, dropped off our bags and then headed out again to Santiago, a town on the opposite end of the lake.

We spent the afternoon in Santiago shopping and exploring. We visited a house where a wooden statue of a saint who was supposed to grant evil wishes was spending the year. He is housed in a different house in town each year and it costs money to visit him and take his picture. People offer him alcohol and his handlers always keep a lit cigarette in his mouth. Strange. I did not wish anyone any ill.

Then we witnessed a very strange thing: a dental hygiene parade through the center of town. Kids were decked out in costumes as tooth brushes and toothpaste, etc. Odd. I also looked to buy souvenirs in Santiago and Frank was quite adept at bargaining with the people selling items. On the trip if you wanted to get a deal at a market, Frank was your man.

We traveled back to our hotel and had some down time before dinner and we had a very nice dinner on the outside porch of the hotel on the water. After dinner we played whist and then had a good sleep after a full day.

Tomorrow: Morning on the Lake and back to Antigua


About prcloth

I am a high school math teacher in Boston who spent two weeks on a volunteer program in a town of mostly indigenous people in the highlands of Guatemala. I worked closely with the sponsor NGO, Limitless Horizons Ixil, and the residents, students, teachers and librarians of Chajul to extend educational opportunities to the region. I have included some details from this rich, authentic cultural exchange.
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